Thursday, January 05, 2012

Reel Feedback

My Norwegian buddy Hans had a great idea. Set up a system where job-seeking animators can get direct feedback on their reels from the industry pros who judge reel submissions all the time. If you've ever submitted your reel to a studio and just didn't hear back, you always wonder what they thought of it, what they were saying about it when they watched it, and what kept you from getting that interview. Hans' brainchild Reel Feedback pulls back the curtain and lets you know where your reel stands and how to make it stronger.

In December the RF crew held their first major event - an evening of free pizza, beer, and critiques for everyone who showed up.  Over a hundred people came with reels in hand and everyone left with solid feedback.  Check out this video for an idea of how the night went down.

There will be more events coming up so be sure to connect with Reel Feedback on Facebook to stay in the loop.

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