Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winning! Congrats, Tun

I was just scanning down my sidebar of blogs and noticed a post about last month's 11 Second Club winner on Spungella. I clicked out of curiosity and was met with an unmistakably familiar name. Veerapatra Jinanavin. I never called him that though, always knew him as Tun. One of my best buds from the Academy and one of the hardest working people I've ever met. Years ago Tun tipped me off about a freelance gig that turned into my first animation job. Before that he gave me some much-needed help on my grad school thesis short film. I got to work with him professionally for about 2 days before he bowed out to take a summer internship at Pixar.

Anyway, I'm indebted to the man and I'm proud to congratulate him for winning the February competition. And I have to smile at his continuing habit of using "familiar-looking" characters. If you ever get to work with him, ask him about his love of Wendy's.

Check out his winning entry!

Me and Tun 6 years ago. Wait, 6 YEARS?!? Geez.


Rico said...

Go Tun! He posted on FB he entered the 11 second competition, glad he won too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy ! :D
Thank a lot. Sorry I found this post so late
wow 6 years ago that's so long. miss those day :)
hope to you again Andy. if you plan to come to BKK.
plz let me know.
Thank you too Rico I just post some of my WIP on you tube. you can go to link :)


Clippingimages said...

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Anonymous said...

Really this image is "familiar-looking" Thanks Andy.

Unknown said...

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