Monday, December 13, 2010

Poll: Best Animated Films of the Decade

I took a look at this list and couldn't believe all these films came out just in the last 10 years. I suddenly feel a lot older. And I haven't seen the bulk of these movies. Many I intentionally skipped, but now I have a bucket list of animation features I really should watch (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Secret of Kells, Persepolis, The Illusionist, Triplettes of Bellville, and Bill Plympton's features Hair High and Idiots & Angels). It's embarrassing to admit I haven't seen some of those. Almost as embarrassing as some of the ones I did see. Some more than once. Usually due to circumstances beyond my control.

So follow the link and pick your top 15 before December 27.

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Anonymous said...

Who the he'll cares... As long as there looking! I I'm a total Twi-heart and I have no preference... I think I went the cheap route... What can I say... I love "cheap thrills":)