Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to Tippett's

If this were an actual blog it would be a pretty terrible one. Why do I even have this?

Well since I do I might as well say hey, I'm back at Tippett Studio for a stint. Working once again with some unbelievably talented folks. I'll leave you with a sketch of the Godfather himself, Mr. Phil Tippett drawn by my current Animation Supervisor. Click the pic to see more animators' doodles of the big guy on his facebook page.

UPDATE: Just launched today - Phil's YouTube channel! Lot's of great interviews, behind-the-scenes "making of" clips, and animation tests!


Jim Turner said...

You do it for the little guys... people like me who depend on you day after day. Never give up. Your life/blog is what legends are made of.

Andy said...

You're the legend, Jim!