Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Internets

So yes... I read Slashdot. It gets fed into my Google homepage so I usually scan the headlines for interesting articles. Well today "Wall-E Supervising Animator Tells His Story" caught my eye. It led to an interesting interview with Pixar veteran, former Spline Doctor, LEGO aficionado, and directing animator on WALL-E - Angus MacLane. Back when I began going through the "Pixar classes" at the Academy of Art, Angus was co-teaching the Level 3 (and final) course in the series and struck me as an intimidating figure. Sometimes he'd barge into the lower level classes and throw in a blitzkritique (hey, I just coined that term!) or just hassle the other teachers. Anyway, there's some great stuff toward the middle part of the interview.

Angus MacLane's LEGO WALL-E
In other boredom, the latest JibJab video is surprisingly well-animated. It just shows to go ya that the principles of animation transcend any preference for medium.

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